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This is where the Title goes.

I have often been criticized for being over-ambition in my thoughts. People will often say that something is not likely to happen or too big of an idea.

I suppose this isn’t a terrible thing, but it’s not exactly desirable. I have been criticized by those who know me best, including family. They say things like, Oh you spread yourself too thin, or you never focus or finish one thing, you always have too many things going on at once. 
I have heard this for years. Is it truly a bad thing to have so many ideas going at once? Is it better to just meddle on one possibility? What if that possibility then doesn’t pan out? You would be back at square one. And on the converse, if you never complete one of those ideas, are all of your ideas for nothing?
I have thought on this many times, and to be totally honest, I don’t know which is better. I feel as though constantly having new ideas streaming in and out works best for me because it keeps me cognitive of the constant change. Fixating on one idea is damn near impossible for me. I’ve tried and I usually end up with a million off-shoots of that same idea. 
I am also thoroughly interested in evolving ideas and having more work than I can handle. 
‘An idle mind is the Devil’s Playground’
So which is better- Having a million ideas and trying to shoot towards them all, trial testing each, OR to focus all efforts on one idea in an effort to force that idea to succeed?