First Post

Hello. In case you haven’t noticed yet, my name is Ben.
This is my first post in a new blog. I haven’t written a blog in quite some time. I have written for various places as my actual job. Truth be told, I hate writing. I’m slow at writing, and I could be spending my time otherwise. Making the transition from writing for a job to writing for ‘fun’ is kinda tough. I like to keep it light, and although this is my photography site, I like to be a bit more personal with people who are so bored they decide to read. Because I’m not a big-shot celebrity photographer/blogger/badass. I’m still basically a kid. And personally I don’t like a lot of my work. But it’s getting better.

So when you read my posts, sometimes you’ll be like ‘dude, this Ben kid is an idiot.’ Which is cool, I have thick skin. AS most artists should. What I aim for is the other posts where you say ‘Wow, that really hit home for me, I think I’ll read some more.’

As always- I’m open for post suggestions and all that Hooplah.

Much Love.