Motivational (maybe?) Ramblings of a 20-Something Entrepreneur.

It is in times such as this, where it feels as though the world is crumbling around you, that you must brave the storm. Times when everything is falling through the cracks. Your business is flailing, your relationships are heart-wrenchingly difficult. These are the times I have started to shut down. Creativity is drying up. Motivation and morale is now something I only think about as I’m laying face down in a pillow.

Here’s the kicker. I have so much going on around me that I can barely keep up. I am working on 2 new startups, trying to keep my photography business going through the slow winter months, and not to mention trying to better myself as a person, which could be the tallest order of them all.

I think there has to be a strong correlation between the two.
I think I have been burying myself in work to try to keep my mind off the shittiness that has recently consumed my life.

Suppose this is the time to keep the nose to the ground, do the best that I possibly can, and apologize for my shortcomings.

Stay in touch, I’m sure I’ll be letting you know how well I succeed/fail.


2 thoughts on “Motivational (maybe?) Ramblings of a 20-Something Entrepreneur.

  1. m

    What you need to remember in life is that you have people who care and love you not matter what. You are a person that indulges into your passion of photography and forgets about the ones who want to share your love. When you share your hard times and burdens with those who care so much about you, those same burdens become easier to overcome. Rememeber to love life and enjoy everything and everyone around you. Sometimes it seems more difficult than it really is.

  2. ammophotog

    Haha!! Now I feel bad about my smart ass comment. Ben, I get in this place all the time. It sucks but you have to keep moving forward. You are becoming the man you were meant to be! I have this poster on my wall to remind me of the universe’s plan… “Sometimes, when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.” You have amazing talent. Keep creating. You will be OK.


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